What to Watch | 5 Shows to Stream This Weekend

Need something new to stream this weekend after another week of working remotely? Excellis Interactive has you covered.

We asked members of our team for their top binge-worthy recommendations. From drama to comedy, there are hours of shows that will keep you streaming all weekend long.

1. Ozark

Synopsis: A crime drama following a family of four as they are forced to relocate to the Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong.

Where to Stream It: Netflix

Number of Seasons: 3

“The show has a great cast with really unique characters. You can see the character development throughout the different seasons, and the adversity that is faced keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.”

– Ashley Peretz, Product Manager

“If you enjoyed Breaking Bad, then you should definitely watch this show.”

Jonathan Jackson, User Interface Designer

2. Nailed It

Synopsis: A bake-off competition series where each episode features three amateur bakers competing to replicate complicated cakes and other baked confections.

Where to Stream It: Netflix

Number of Seasons: 4

“Host Nicole Byer is an absolute delight. The bakers’ creations are hysterically bad, but the contestants are in on the joke, so you’re laughing right along with them, not at them. It’s the kind of funny we could all use right now.”

– Stacey Panco, Director of Marketing

3. The Walking Dead

Synopsis: Survivors of a zombie apocalypse try to stay alive, facing the constant threat of zombie attacks, as well as conflict from other survivors who have their own set of morals (or lack thereof) and way of living.

Where to Stream It: Netflix

Number of Seasons: 9 (Season 10 is currently airing on AMC)

“In some ways, it echoes what’s happening in the world today.”

– Pete Lagana, CTO & SVP

4. Schitt’s Creek

Synopsis: The formerly wealthy Rose family are forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek, a small town they once purchased as a joke. Now living in a motel, the family must adjust to life without money and with each other.

Where to Stream It: Netflix

Number of Seasons: 5 (Season 6 just wrapped up on Pop TV)

“It’s funny and easy to watch. Plus, there are 5 seasons on Netflix so it will take you a little while to get through.”

– Anna McMenamin, Assistant Controller

5. What We Do in the Shadows

Synopsis: Based on the movie of the same name, this mockumentary-style series follows four vampire roommates who have been living together on Staten Island for over 100 years.

Where to Stream It: Hulu

Number of Seasons: 1 (Season 2 is set to begin airing next week on FX)

“The actors are all great. I especially like Matt Berry. He was hilarious in the IT Crowd and really steals the show in this.”

– Todd Coleman, Design Director

Streaming shows not your thing? We’ve got a bonus action thriller for you theater lovers who are missing those cinema recliners and movie popcorn.

John Wick 3

Synopsis: Ex-hitman John Wick finds himself on the run from assassins after a $14 million bounty is put on his head as a result of killing a member of the international assassins’ guild.

Where to Stream It: HBO

“When you have some extra time on your hands, why not? Actually, John Wick 3 was better than expected. Was a fan of the original and John Wick II. It’s usually hard to continue a movie series, but this was very well done. Spoiler Alert…they leave the door open for John Wick 4.”

– Wayne Semisch, President & CEO

What shows would you deem binge worthy? What do you think of our recommendations? Let us know in the comments.

Read a Book Day | 5 Books to Inspire & Motivate Business Leaders

Have you ever read a book that stayed with you well after you finished it? Something that motivated you to be not only a better business leader but person? In honor of Read a Book Day, we asked some of the leaders at Excellis Interactive to recommend books that drove them over the years.

From memoirs to fiction, you’ll find that inspiration can be found everywhere.

Read a Book Day | Inspirational & Motivational Books

Book for Business Leaders | Never Eat Alone

1. Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time

by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz 

CTO and SVP Pete Lagana was motivated by the book Never Eat Alone. It’s highly motivational approach makes it a must read for every business leader, according to Pete.

“You learn to network and talk to everybody.  You never know what you’ll learn from someone and then be able to pass along into the world. It’s the ultimate pay it forward approach.”

Book for Business Leaders | Five Point Someone

2. Five Point Someone: What Not to Do at IIT

by Chetan Bhagat

Solutions Architect Shashank Kamarushi was inspired by the book Five Point Someone. “I read this book few years back when I was a teenager. It tells the story of how young people struggle for education, and how three friends with different characters deal with it in a funny way to make it to the top. Even now, I recommend it – it’s a great book for all ages. Perfect for Read a Book Day.” 

Book for Business Leaders | Kavalier & Clay

3. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

by Michael Chabon

New York Times bestseller The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay captivated Design Director Todd Coleman.

“It’s the fictional story of two Jewish comic book creators and their lives and careers before, during, and after WW II.  It’s such an expansive story, with fantastic characters, twists, and emotions. It grabbed me from the first chapter, and I was actually sad that the book had to end. I just wanted to keep reading it.”

Book for Business Leaders | Bossypants

4. Bossypants

by Tina Fey

The sometimes awkward and often nerdy young girl grows up to be one of the most well-known and successful comediennes of our generation. Bossypants is the memoir of that girl – Tina Fey – and the book selected by Director of Marketing Stacey Panco in honor of Read a Book Day.

“Tina’s younger years were very relatable to me. Reading about someone who grew up in an area not that different from where I grew up – and coincidentally very close to where I live now – who was able to use her humor, wit and tenacity to survive childhood and then thrive as an adult – was really inspiring to me. And it taught me one thing every business leader should know – ‘You’re no one until someone calls you bossy.'”

Book for Business Leaders | Oh the Places You'll Go

5. Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

by Dr. Seuss

When asked what book motivated or inspired him most, CEO and President Wayne Semisch answered simply and quickly.

“Easy….Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

It doesn’t get much more inspiring than that.  

What book inspired you? Or motivated you to be a better business leader? Let us know on this Read a Book Day!

Wish Lists: The Gift that Keeps Giving in B2B Ecommerce

When you hear the term wish lists, you probably first think of Amazon. Amazon allows its customers to easily add and share products with friends and family. While common in B2C, wish lists are a rarity in B2B ecommerce. However, they are a best practice that deliver the level of engagement your customers expect.

At first glance, companies don’t see the opportunity to bring customers closer to their businesses. However, when businesses utilize the functionality to its fullest, the advantages are clear to see.

Drive Engagement

You have an inventory of 1,000 different widgets. ABC Company only purchases a select number of 20 of those widgets at any given time. Wish lists allow your business to create niche shopping lists. Rather than shopping your entire site, ABC Company could shop directly from their personalized list of 20 widgets. This personalized sales approach provides a better experience for your customers while also driving greater engagement with your business.

Simplify the Ordering Process

Wish list functionality allows customers to create custom shopping lists they can return to again and again for fulfillment ordering. By warehouse, store number, client – the organization possibilities are endless. Once created, wish lists minimize clicks and allow customers to quickly order (or reorder) the items they need, maximizing user experience.

wish lists
Example of wish list functionality in a B2B ecommerce user interface

Increase Conversions

Wish list functionality removes many of the barriers to purchasing. That means less frustration for your customers and more conversions for your business. Conversely, this provides greater ROI on the ecommerce technology you already have in place.

This could be one entry on an entire laundry list of customization asks for your B2B ecommerce UI. Such an undertaking typically requires extensive time and budget to complete. However, with an application like CUE Lists, a business can have wish list functionality added to an existing user interface in a matter of days and at a low monthly cost per user.

Wish lists in B2B ecommerce go beyond gift giving. Contract ordering, order fulfillment and project management are just a few of the ways this functionality can give businesses like yours a competitive advantage. And when applications like CUE Lists take the time to market out of the equation, what’s stopping your business from giving your customers the best customer experience possible?

Experience CUE Lists for 30 days. Request a FREE demo.

Left Handed Usability: Better User Experience for All

Left handed people make up 10% of the population; that’s an exceptional number of potential users when you consider there are nearly 330 million people just in the United States alone. Good design built around best practices focuses on making applications highly usable regardless of your dominant hand. But when it comes to usability, left handed and right handed users often face the same struggles – which is why it’s best to design with both in mind.

These design best practices bring delight to left handed and right-handed users alike.

Voice Control

Making functionality accessible via voice-control systems is one of the newer ways to provide better usability (and accessibility) for all. Allowing users to tap, swipe and scroll with their voice adds a level of autonomy still rarely found in today’s enterprise applications.

Simplified Interactions

When it comes to touchscreens, avoid popovers or side-view info panels to ensure users can see the content regardless of hand dominance. Offer users a magnified view when selecting or highlighting text to simplify this interaction for all.

Custom Settings

Take the guess work out of a users’ preferences by offering a setting to toggle interfaces using input screens. Just because a person is left handed doesn’t mean they are a left handed user, and vice versa. This optimizes usability while minimizing developer headaches.

When In Doubt, Test It Out

A tried and true best practice is to test, test and then test again. Designing using a UI toolkit like CUE Canvas can give your business the opportunity to work directly with your users – left handed and right handed – to see what interactions, workflows and screens work best (while throwing out the ones that don’t).

Left handed users have had to live in a right hand dominant world all their lives. Now is their time to thrive (at least when it comes to enterprise usability).

Want to learn more?
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CUE Canvas.

CUE My Projects Now Live on SAP® App Center

By integrating with SAP Commerce Cloud, the CUE My Projects solution from Excellis Interactive delivers increased productivity and enhanced user experience.

[Chesterbook, PA] — [February 21, 2019] — Excellis Interactive today announced that its CUE (Complete UI Extensions) My Projects solution  is now available on the SAP® App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. SAP certified CUE My Projects integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud solution and allows users to create a virtual repository of more than 100 order templates or wish lists and it groups products frequently purchased together.

“CUE My Projects is a great example of how we provide users simple wish-list functionality and order templates often found in business-to-consumer experiences like on Amazon,” says Wayne Semisch, Excellis Interactive CEO. “This allows for simplified ordering and reordering processes for a number of our clients. We’re excited to offer this highly sought-after functionality to the entire SAP community through the SAP App Center.” 

“CUE My Projects fits inside existing SAP Commerce  infrastructure, rapidly deploying functionality through a smooth experience,” says Pete Lagana, Excellis Interactive CTO and SAP mentor. “We engineered CUE with an eye toward performance, which allows our customers to easily extend SAP Commerce on-premises by utilizing SAP Commerce Cloud.”

CUE My Projects provides consumer-level personalization and customization in the enterprise. The intuitive functionality, including adding multiple line items and their corresponding quantities to a cart with a single click and fully-branded user interface, eliminates the need for training.

The SAP App Center provides customers with real-time access to more than 1,700 innovative partner solutions that complement and extend their SAP solutions, enabling digital transformation of their business. SAP App Center customers can buy solutions directly from partners and centrally manage purchases, billing and vendor communications.

Excellis Interactive is a partner in the SAP® PartnerEdge® program. As such, it is empowered to build, market and sell software applications on top of SAP Cloud Platform, the market-leading platform-as-a-service offering from SAP. The SAP PartnerEdge program provides the enablement tools, benefits and support to facilitate building high-quality, disruptive applications focused on specific business needs – quickly and cost-effectively. The program provides access to all relevant SAP technologies in one simple framework under a single, global contract.

About Excellis Interactive

Excellis Interactive creates user-centric enterprise applications focused on business outcomes through limitless innovation and unified experiences. By aligning IT initiatives with strategic business goals through superior user experience utilizing existing SAP investments – including SAP Commerce solutions, SAP Fiori®, SAPUI5, and SAP Cloud Platform – Excellis provides #SimplyBetter mobile-forward solutions in the enterprise.

# # #

SAP and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an SAP affiliate company) in Germany and other countries. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Please see http://www.sap.com/trademark for additional trademark information and notices.

For more information, press only:

Stacey Panco, Director of Marketing
610.993.7680 x104

Excellis Interactive’s CUE My Projects 1.0 Achieves SAP-Certified Integration with SAP® Hybris® Commerce

Chesterbrook, PA — May 29, 2018 — Excellis Interactive, an SAP silver partner, today announced that its CUE My Projects 1.0 solution has achieved SAP certification with SAP® Hybris® Commerce. Since 2005, Excellis Interactive has been focused on the customer experience of SAP enterprise and ecommerce applications. Excellis Interactive developed CUE (Complete UI Extensions) to provide ease of use and maximum functionality to customers running SAP software.

“We’ve taken a decade’s worth of business enhancements and turned them into a unique product set of solutions that our customers can integrate directly into their SAP products to drive business outcomes,” said Wayne Semisch, Excellis Interactive CEO.

“We offer the ability to leverage CUE solutions through plug-and-play extensions and add-ons or via SAP Cloud Platform. Customers can choose what works best for them,” said Pete Lagana, Excellis Interactive CTO & SAP mentor.

As a result of the certified integration, CUE My Projects now provides greatly simplified future and repeat ordering. It integrates with SAP Hybris Commerce, allowing users to create a virtual repository of 100+ order templates or wish lists and group products frequently purchased together.

CUE My Projects offers an ideal solution for customers looking to organize and simplify repeat orders – large or small,” continued Lagana. “With this new intuitive functionality, we’re helping customers increase productivity while improving the overall user experience.”

Integrated with SAP Hybris Commerce, CUE My Projects provides a personalized experience for users that is tightly integrated into the existing ordering process. Users can organize products into wish lists or templates and add multiple items directly to their shopping carts with one click. And all of this is done in the customer’s existing user interface.

For more information on CUE My Projects and the entire line of CUE Applications, visit the CUE: Complete UI Extensions website.

About Excellis Interactive

Excellis Interactive creates user-centric enterprise applications focused on business outcomes through limitless innovation and unified experiences. By aligning IT initiatives with strategic business goals through superior user experience utilizing existing SAP investments – including SAP Hybris solutions, SAP Fiori®, SAPUI5, and SAP Cloud Platform – Excellis provides #SimplyBetter mobile-forward solutions in the enterprise.

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