Ecommerce Built for Your Users

Driven by Simplicity and Speed

CUE Commerce quickly and cost-effectively delivers a superior purchasing experience for your customers, helping build stronger, more profitable relationships.

Valuable Benefits

for Your Business

Grow your business and streamline efficiencies with the ordering solution that gets existing customers onboarded quickly and ordering (and reordering) easier than ever.

Better Customer

Adopt an ecommerce experience that’s personalized for your customers

Increase Sales

Reach new customers and grow business with your existing base

Streamline Efficiencies

Eliminate manual data entry and paperwork

Modernize Your Business

Digitize sales through your existing technology stack

Streamlined Ordering.

And Reordering.

Make ordering – and reordering – as easy as possible for your customers. Go 100% digital, allowing your users to order quickly at anytime and from anywhere with a simple-to-use interface tailored to your customer’s needs with custom lists, past purchases, and personalized catalogs per user and location.


User-Based Product


Provide your customers with personalized catalogs based on their exact needs, contracts or permissions. CUE Commerce makes it easy to provide multiple views for different users, even from the same company, simplifying the overall ordering experience.


Status Dashboard

Order 360

Order 360  puts pertinent order information right at the fingertips of your users from your storefront homescreen, providing 100% visibility into order history and greatly reducing customer service inquiries – increasing their satisfaction and your bottom line.


Robust Search Functionality

Search by item number, product category or brand name.
No matter how your users search, they’re sure to find exactly what they’re looking for.


Bring Richer Functionality

to CUE Commerce

Give your clients and your team the best possible experience with extensions
that take CUE Commerce even further

Collaborative Sales

Give customers the concierge-style customer service they deserve – connecting them directly with their individual sales rep to facilitate onboarding, customize their product catalogs or answer any questions they might have along the way.

CUE Reports

Provide core business information – typically pulled from multiple channels – directly into your existing user interface where it can be accessed anytime to be downloaded, edited or shared.


Extend CUE Commerce and all its functionality into the browser with this lightweight, easy to install extension.


Keep your customers up to date with real-time business insights – from order updates to tracking information. And with customizable settings available across all devices, Notifications are delivered based on your users’ preferences.

Need Even Greater Functionality

Around Ordering?

CUE is available to bring added flexibility
to your ecommerce solution

  • Visibility of recent shipments and statuses
  • Third-party payment integration
  • Order staging, approval and validation
  • Access to recent invoices and details
  • 1-click buy to bypass the cart
  • Identity management
  • Inventory management
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