Extend Ecommerce Engagement

with Easily Consumable Reports

Make your storefront a one-stop-shop for your users, delivering core reports within your existing B2B ecommerce channel.

CUE Reports brings your existing business data into a custom framework situated within your storefront. Users engage more with your business while gleaning actionable insights into their data they can access at any time.


CUE Reports empowers users to customize their most frequently-run reports based on their specific business needs.

Personalize Report Structure

Rearrange and Sort Columns and Rows

Download and Share Reports Easily

Experience Data. Anywhere. Anytime. 

Reports don’t just tell a story – they show it to you.

CUE Reports goes beyond standard data tables, providing highly-visual graphs and charts of information that can be customized by the user and run on any device – from desktop to mobile (and everything in between).

Take a Deeper Dive into CUE Reports

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