You’ve already invested in the most powerful ecommerce engine - SAP Commerce Cloud.


Engineered for high-level performance with a modern UI that stands out against the often-boring landscape of enterprise e-commerce, CUE delivers greatly enhanced performance and functionality – without costly and timely customizations or additional installations – all through a world class design.

Are you ready to maximize your SAP Commerce Cloud Solution and exceed the demanding expectations of your customers?

Order Center

SAP Commerce Cloud out of the box stores important order status and tracking information deep within the UI. It's their information - why should your customers have to hunt for it?

The Order Center puts the most pertinent information right at the fingertips of customers directly from the home screen. CUE offers 100% visibility into order history and reduces - or even eliminates - customer service inquiries - will also providing a far superior user experience.

Invoice Center

Third party billing systems are often cumbersome, laggy and require yet another sign-on to a UI that is frequently the poster child for poor user experience.

Invoicing eliminates all those hassles typically associated with enterprise billing. Invoices are available directly through SAP Commerce Cloud with all of the necessary information – status, terms, due date – available at your users’ fingertips. And best of all – your customers can pay directly from the same UI where they place their orders, providing a simple and secure experience for them and getting payments even faster than before for you.


Make ordering (and reordering) a breeze. With the Lists application, users can create a virtual repository of over 100 order templates or wish lists – grouping products frequently purchased together to make future orders fast and simple.

An organized project manager’s dream. A busy buyer’s life saver. Be a hero to your users while setting the new standard in enterprise e-commerce excellence.


Reporting tools provide your customers with core business information. Why send them outside your solution to get it?

The Reports Modules provides your customers with critical visual and numerical data, typically pulled from multiple channels, directly through your existing SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Commonly requested reports – from SAP Commerce Cloud, other SAP backend systems or even third party reporting platforms – are provided seamlessly and conveniently, without leaving SAP Hybris or logging into another application

Product Details Pages

Your products should tell your brand's story. So why aren't your product details pages telling yours?

The Product Details Pages Module transforms ordinary out-of-the-box PDPs into fully-responsive, consumer-grade experiences. These virtual product showcases provide the best quality imagery and video without sacrificing performance. Product options and inventory are updated instantly and seamlessly, requiring fewer page loads and driving greater buying confidence. And with omnichannel capability baked right into the user interface, integration issues are a thing of the past.


What if you could bring the power of SAP Commerce Cloud into your web browser? Now you can.

OnCue not only extends SAP Commerce Cloud – giving users a quick and easy way to access all of their CUE component installations; it’s also a customizable comparative shopping extension that helps users find the best price for items they are already searching for, all while providing notifications, limited time offers, and more.


Did that order ship? Login. Has the ticket with customer service been updated? Login. Was an invoice approved? Login. What a hassle!

The Notifications Module provides your users real-time alerts through the application, via text alerts or push notifications via smartphone or watch. Invoice approvals, shipment notifications, customer service alerts, order status changes and more – CUE gets pertinent information to your customers instantly, creating greater communications between you and your customers and eliminating the information gap.